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A regional tournament experience

13 Countries, 13 Regional Qualifiers and 1 Epic Regional Showdown

IAC is a celebration of the League of Legends fandom and a proud representation of the voice, talent and prowess of the region. It is a journey in two seasons, beginning with country leagues and leading up to fierce regional qualifiers and an epic finale.

  • Multiple Country Leagues

    Each league across the 13 countries will feature intense battles between local teams, in order to determine the strong contenders in the regional qualifiers.

  • Year-Long Broadcasting

    Support your favourite teams throughout the year and never miss on any exciting events with our ongoing streams.

  • Stream, Watch and Earn

    Whether you're streaming the IAC games or simply watching them, you will have multiple opportunities to score awesome perks and rewards.

  • One Regional Finale

    A finale bringing together the finest talents in the MENA region as they give their all to win the Intel Arabian Cup.

Compete for the Cup

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Become An Official Tournament Streamer

For Perks and Glory!

Join us as an official IAC streamer and help us bring quality content to the screens of every single League of Legends fan wherever they may be.

Exclusive rights to broadcast the events and games of the Intel Arabian Cup to viewers both regionally and internationally.
Get your high-quality eSports content directly from the source, with an inside scoop on all the goings-on of IAC.
Reach the growing eSports demographic in the MENA region with logo placements across all the streamed matches throughout the tournament.

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The chance to be promoted as an official streaming partner on our channels and social media.
You receive exclusive in-game items to give away to your audience, with rewards that increase in value based on minutes viewed.
Official streamers enjoy free access to our sponsored events and behind-the-scenes magic.

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watch and win

Watch Streams and Get Rewarded

There's still a way for you to cheer your country's team and score some prizes even you missed the IAC sign-ups; simply by streaming the matches on Twitch, you'll be eligible to win a variety of LoL goodies!

Step 1

Get your Twitch on during the matches

Step 2

Activate the plugin to enable reward tracking

Step 3

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

News and Updates

Keeping You in the Loop

Trust us - you would not want to miss anything about the IAC events, matches, teams and so much more.

The games will take place online through the Toornament platform. Please visit My tournaments on this link: and keep an eye on your inbox for other details.
At the moment, we do not have sufficient information regarding the roadmap of the IAC tournament; we will be able to have a more comprehensive idea based on the success and turnout this year.
Unfortunately no; only players who are currently residing (living) in one of the 13 countries are able to join the Intel Arabian Cup.
You can only join the country of residency; in this case, you would have to join a UAE-based team.
The amount of matches will vary based on the number of teams available in each country.
We will reveal details about the second split as the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold.
The tournament will be hosted on the most common server in any given country. For example, if 60% of the players in Egypt are playing through EU NE, then the country leagues for Egypt will be held on EU NE, and likewise for each participating country.
Yes, you may join the tournament as long as you are a legal resident in one of the 13 countries. Please note you will only be able to join the league of your country of residency (proof of living in that country).
Given the current situation with the COVID-19 situation, we cannot say for certain that there will be an offline event. However, should the quarantine be lifted in time for the finals, we'll be sure to communicate any update regarding offline events to all participants.
In case of emergencies, you will be able to ask one of your substitute players to join the game instead of the original player.