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A Journey in Three Electrifying Seasons

Join us from March to October as we celebrate this year's finest talents!

IAC is back in 2021 with a new and improved format! Across three seasons, the best teams from the Country Qualifiers, Competitors League and Champions League will be given a chance to showcase their skills, dominate the play field and build a momentum leading up to an epic finale at the end of the year.

  • Country Qualifiers

    Three weeks of qualifiers across 14 countries to determine the teams who will advance to the Competitors League and have a chance at joining the Champions League.

  • Competitors League

    The teams that have qualified from each country will come together under the Competitors League to fight for their shot at joining the ranks of the pro players.

  • Champions League

    The eight finalists from IAC 2020 will meet again to settle scores, secure their spots in the League and determine the best teams, once and for all.

  • Grand Finals

    A finale bringing together the finest talents in the MENA region as they give their all to win the Intel Arabian Cup.

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