Privacy Policy


Effective Date: 25th May 2018

Welcome to Riot Games! Our privacy policy explains what info Riot Games collects when you visit the Riot services, as well as ways we might use or share it. We’re only describing our own practices – this policy doesn’t apply to third parties we don’t own or control, including other companies you might interact with on or through the Riot services (see Third-Party Websites and Services).

Riot Games, Inc. and its subsidiaries are a global gaming company headquartered in Los Angeles with offices and operations around the world (see International Data Processing). When we say “Riot Games”, we’re referring to the Riot Games entity responsible for providing the Riot services in your region (see Contact Us to see who that is).

When we reference “the Riot services,” we mean League of Legends and any other games, websites, applications, and services that link to this policy, regardless of how you access or use them, including through mobile devices. Your use of the Riot services is also subject to the Terms of Use in your region (including its provisions regarding limitations on damages, resolution of disputes, and application of governing law). Please read this entire policy to make sure you understand it. You should also read the Terms of Use carefully, and make sure you understand and agree to them before using the Riot services.

We encourage you to use the policy’s interactive features to guide you. We’ve written summaries to identify the key issues discussed in many sections at a glance. However, these summaries are intended solely to simplify things and the full policy should be read as it takes priority in the event of any ambiguity or conflicts (so be sure to read the whole thing carefully!) . Click on the “Expand” buttons for further details about particular topics that interest you. To zip between sections, use the “Back To Top” buttons and the Table of Contents below.

If you don’t understand any parts of the policy, Contact Us with questions.


Summary: We collect info in three main ways:

You provide some of it directly (such as by registering for an account).
We record some of it automatically (including with technologies like cookies).
We receive some of it from third parties (like social media companies).
The particular kinds of info we gather usually depend on how you interact with us, like which Riot services you use and how you do so.

A. Info You Provide

Summary: We collect info you choose to provide or give to us in any manner. You don’t have to share info when we ask you for it, but if you decline, you might not be able to access certain Riot services or take advantage of theirfull functionality.

We collect info you enter or otherwise provide on the Riot services, including:

The Riot services also offer social features like forums and chat. When you use these features, the info you share is public info – this means we may collect and use the info you provide (including to enforce our Terms of Use, such as described in Anti-Cheat & Fraud Prevention and Chat & Player Behavior below), and in some cases it may also be collected or used by others without your knowledge (for example, if you’re chatting with another player while they stream a League of Legends match).

When you play multiplayer games like League of Legends, note that some info will be publicly accessible to others, such as your game statistics and performance. We may record gameplay and related info (such as Summoner Name, build order, and in-game actions), and replay or otherwise make it available to other players without further notice to you. For example, players can watch each other play League of Legends using Spectator Mode, and we may use gameplay footage to help promote the Riot services.

B. Info We Collect Automatically

Summary: We automatically collect some info about how you interact with and navigate the Riot services, as wellas the device and software you use to do so.

Common examples include info regarding:

C. Info We Collect From Third Parties

Summary: Sometimes we obtain info from third parties to use along with the info we collect. For example, ifyou link your Facebook account with your Riot Games account, Facebook may share info with us in accordance with Facebook’sprivacy policy and your privacy settings on it.

We may collect info from third parties to supplement the info you provide and the info we collect automatically. For example:


Summary: In addition to info you provide, we and our partners automatically record some info about how you use and navigate the Riot services. We may combine this info with other info we gather from or about you as described in this policy, including to enforce our Terms of Use and for analytics and advertising purposes.

A. Cookies & Related Technologies

Summary: We use our own servers and technologies like cookies to automatically collect and store info about how you interact with the Riot services, as well as the device you use to do so.

“Cookies” are small pieces of data that online services you use place on your device for record-keeping and identification purposes. “Web beacons” are transparent pixel images that allow online services to collect info about the ways you interact with them (like whether you’ve opened an email or clicked on an ad). Similar common technologies include things like tags, scripts, local shared objects (e.g., Flash cookies), local storage (e.g., HTML5), and related tools.

The Riot services use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to automatically collect, store, and read files on your device. They may be delivered in a first-party (i.e., by Riot Games) or third-party (i.e., by other companies) context. These tools help the Riot services work and operate more efficiently, as well as capture info about how you interact with us (see Info We Collect).

We also use our servers in connection with these technologies to collect info about the ways you interact with the Riot services and store it in log files. This may include, for example, info that your device, browser, or operating system sends to us when you access the Riot services (like device IDs, IP addresses, and hardware or software specifications) and details about how you use your Riot Games account (like the particular features you use, your in-game interactions and statistics, and other similar info).

We use info gathered through technologies like cookies for several reasons, including:

You can learn more about cookies and similar technologies, including details of how to manage or disable them, read our Cookies Policy, or by visiting or consulting your browser’s privacy features. Some ways of managing traditional cookies may not impact the use of other technologies, but certain browsers may offer their own tools for removing HTML5. For additional details about managing Flash cookies, click here.

Please note that disabling technologies like cookies may prevent you from using the full functionality of the Riot services and the Riot services may not work as we intended.

B. Analytics & Interested-Based Ads

Summary: We partner with third parties (like content providers, analytics companies, and advertising networks) to help us improve the Riot services and better understand how you interact with them, as well as support our marketing initiatives. These companies may collect info from you automatically in connection with your visit.

In addition to the technologies we place, other companies may set their own cookies or similar tools when you visit the Riot services. This includes vendors we’ve engaged to provide services on our behalf (like website analytics), as well as third parties that deliver content (like videos from YouTube) or offers (like ads from ad networks) contained on the Riot services. We may receive reports based on our partners’ use of these tools on an individual or aggregate basis.

For example, we use third-party analytics providers (like Google Analytics) to help evaluate and report on use of the Riot services. We also partner with ad companies to support our marketing efforts, including by serving you ads better tailored to your likely interests (such as based on your browsing activity on the Riot services and when visiting other online services). These companies may set and read their own cookies and similar technologies to gather info about your online activities across websites and services.

Some analytics providers and ad companies offer you choices about how they collect and use info directly on their websites. To learn more about opting out of Google Analytics, click here. For a representative list of third-party advertising and analytics partners that operate on the Riot services, as well as information about how to opt-out to the extent applicable, click here. You may also be able to opt-out in some cases by visiting or, or if you’re located in the EU or Canada, or respectively.

Please note that opting-out of interest-based advertising won’t necessarily entirely prevent info from being collected automatically on the Riot services, and it doesn’t mean you’ll receive fewer ads or stop them from being displayed. Instead, the ads you do receive won’t be interest-based any longer and therefore might be less relevant to your interests.


Summary: We use and share your info in accordance with the legal bases set out below to help us provide, operate, improve, understand, customize, support and market the Riot services.

A. Legal Basis

Summary: We use and share your info (i) to provide the services under the Terms, (ii) with your consent, (iii) in your and our legitimate interests (such as safety and security, and providing a tailored service), and (iv) for other legal reasons.

We rely on a number of legal bases to collect, use, share, and otherwise process the info we have about you for the purposes described in this Policy. These legal bases include:

B. Using Info

Summary: We use the info we collect (both individually and in combination with other info collected under this policy) to help us operate our business, provide and improve our products and services, communicate with you, and advertise effectively. The particular ways we use your info often depend on how you choose to use the Riot services.

Some of the most common examples of how we use info include:

We may also use, disclose, and preserve info to:

C. Sharing Info

Summary: We don’t share info that directly identifies you (such as your email or home address) with independent third parties without your knowledge except as described in this policy (like to enforce the Terms of Use, secure the Riot services, or if we’re required to do so by law). We do share info that doesn’t directly identify you (like your Summoner Name, match history, game stats, and other aggregate or anonymous info), including publicly via the Riot Games API.

If we ever stop providing Riot services (like if we’re bought out or invaded by Yordles), we may share your info with the buyer. Lastly, remember the stuff you share in social features (like chat and forums) is public -- please be careful about how you use them!

We share the info we collect with Riot Games-controlled subsidiaries and affiliates to help us more seamlessly operate, support, and improve the Riot services (such as to facilitate account transfers and provide Player Support in your local language).

Since we’re a global company, this means your info may be transferred to or stored in locations outside your country of residence (see International Data Processing). To learn more about the Riot Games entity responsible for providing the Riot services in your region, see Contact Us below.

We also share info with service providers that operate on our behalf for the purposes discussed in this policy. For example, when you buy something on the Riot services, we’ll share your payment-related info with entities we’ve engaged to process payments and provide similar financial services (like fraud prevention). Other common examples include partners that help us store data, send marketing emails, and provide Player Support services.

If you share info publicly through interactive features we control, such as forums and chat, you should understand that this info is public not private. We reserve the right (but have no obligation) to monitor your use of them, including for purposes like enforcing our Terms of Use and applicable player behavior requirements (see Chat & Player Behavior and Anti-Cheat & Fraud Prevention. To request removal of your info from forums or similar features controlled by Riot Games, Contact Us.

We may disclose player info in the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer, or other disposition of all or any portion of our business, assets, or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings). This means your info may be one of the assets transferred to the acquiring entity in such situations.

Please note that your Summoner Name and gameplay statistics (like your match history, item builds, and average number of kills and deaths) are public info that may be shared in-game and out-of-game with players and other third parties. This includes info we share with the League of Legends developer community via the Riot Games API so they can help contribute to the player experience.

We may also use, disclose, and preserve info to:

Comply with applicable law or respond to legal process (like requests from law enforcement or other public or government authorities);

Securely operate the Riot services (like stopping attacks on our systems);

Protect players and third parties (such as to help prevent serious injury or crime); and

Protect our own rights, property, and operations (like enforcing our contracts and terms -- including the Terms of Use -- and pursuing available remedies or limiting the damages we may sustain).> and this policy -- and pursuing available remedies or limiting the damages we may sustain).

D. Chat & Player Behavior

We’ve empowered our players to help police compliance with our policies related to certain in-game behavior. For example, League of Legends players may report each other and submit descriptions of their in-game activity and actions to help us determine if the reported behavior constituted a violation of rules and procedures that apply to player conduct, as well as any potential repercussions (such as temporary or permanent account suspensions or chat restrictions).

We also record and store, and reserve the right (but have no obligation) to monitor, chat and similar details about in-game interactions for a period we determine in our sole discretion is appropriate to help us, among other things, detect and prevent toxicity, enforce our rules and policies, and foster a more positive gaming community for our players. We use both manual (like many Player Support tickets) and automated (such as machine learning) tools and techniques to support these efforts.

Please be kind to other players, observe our policies related to player behavior (including our Terms of Use, and always be careful what you share in chat!

E. Anti-Cheat & Fraud Prevention

We always seek to offer players a fair, fun, and competitive gaming experience on the Riot services. Our Terms of Use strictly prohibit use of unauthorized third-party programs that interact with the Riot services, including mods, hacks, cheats, scripts, bots, trainers, and automation programs. When you create or use a Riot Games account, purchase things from us, play our games, or otherwise interact with the Riot services, we may use anti-cheat and fraud prevention technologies that may make automated decisions (such as temporary or permanent account suspensions or chat restrictions) based on the info we collect from or about you (see Info We Collect). This primarily helps us enforce our rules and policies, secure the Riot services, detect and prevent unauthorized activity, and maintain the competitive integrity of our games.


Summary: We work with third parties to make your experience better, but our policy doesn’t and can’t apply to entities we don’t own, control, or instruct. We’re unable to guarantee that independent third parties adhere to the same practices as us, so please be sure to read their policies and terms before sharing info with them.

There are several ways you might share info with third-party websites or services in connection with your visit, including:

External Links. If you click on links to external websites or services that are operated by third parties, they may collect, use, and share your info pursuant to their own policies (not ours). Including a link to or from third-party services doesn’t mean we’ve endorsed their practices.

Account Integrations. The Riot services use interfaces that allow you interact with third-party websites, applications, or similar services during your visit, including on or through your Riot Games account or an account you’ve created with such third parties. For example, we partner with social media companies to provide features that facilitate social sharing and connections (such as the Facebook “Like” button and other widgets). These features may collect info about your interactions with them and the Riot services, and may use technologies like cookies to function properly. How third-party companies like Facebook process your info is controlled by their own privacy policies.

Cookies & Related Technologies. The Riot services contain cookies, web beacons, and other common technologies that help us collect and analyze info in connection with your visit (see Info We Collect Automatically). Third parties (like analytics providers or ad networks) may set and read their own tracking technologies on the Riot services. If they do, they’re responsible for using these tools as described in their respective privacy policies.

Please remember to contact third parties directly (and not Riot Games) if you have any questions or concerns about their practices.


Summary:We’re a global gaming company with operations around the world. When you use the Riot services, your info may be processed anywhere we or our partners do business, including the United States.

(1) OPERATING THE RIOT SERVICES. Depending on your location, the Riot services are controlled and operated by or on behalf of Riot Games from:

in the case of Riot Games, Inc. and Riot Games Merchandise, Inc., the United States;
in the case of Riot Games Korea, Ltd., South Korea;
in the case of Riot Games, LLC, Japan; and

in the case of Riot Games Ltd. and Riot Games Ireland Merchandise Ltd., Ireland.
For important details regarding which laws apply to your use of the Riot services and any disputes with Riot Games, be sure to check out the Terms of Use. The controller of info we collect from you is the Riot Games entity responsible for providing the Riot services in your region (see Contact Us).

(2) CROSS-BORDER TRANSFERS AND STORAGE. We may process and store info we collect anywhere that we or our partners operate, including the U.S. These countries may not have the same level of data protection as where you live. We’ve implemented and maintain a framework consistent with applicable law and this policy for transfers of info outside the country of collection, including, for example, through the use of legal transfer mechanisms such as Standard Contractual Clauses when we transfer info outside of the European Economic Area (to learn more about EU Standard Contractual Clauses, click here). We may also need to transfer your info to provide the Riot services to you in accordance with the Terms of Use. By using the Riot services, you acknowledge that we may transfer your info to (and process it in) countries outside of your country of residence, each of which may have different privacy rules than your country.


Summary: You’ve got to be at least 13 to use our stuff. No, seriously…13 and older only!

The Riot services are general audience services not intended for children under the age of 13. We don’t direct content specifically at, and don’t knowingly collect personal info from, any such children. If you’re younger than 13, please don’t use the Riot services or otherwise provide us any info . If you’re the legal guardian of a child younger than 13 and have reason to believe he or she has provided info to Riot Games, please Contact Us immediately to request that we delete it.


Summary: You have choices regarding your use of the Riot services and the ways we process info. Since you can interact with us in many different ways, the particular controls available to you often depend on the nature of our relationship.

You can use many parts of the Riot services without ever creating an account, purchasing our products or services, or otherwise submitting info like your name or email address to us. If you do choose to share this info with us, we generally retain it as long as your account is active or as is otherwise necessary to provide the Riot services and operate our business (including for purposes like complying with our legal obligations, managing internal books and records, preventing fraud, resolving disputes, and enforcing our contracts and terms, such as this policy and the Terms of Use), unless a longer retention period is permitted or required by law. You can also limit the info you share with third parties, such as by choosing not to link your Riot Games account with third-party services (see Third-Party Websites and Services).

We offer players choices about the types of communications they receive from Riot Games. If you choose to receive marketing and promotional emails from us but later change your mind, simply “unsubscribe” by following the instructions in the relevant email. These choices don’t apply to mandatory communications that are part of the Riot services, like important account-related notices.

The Riot services also have many built-in tools to help players exercise control over their info directly. For example, you can generally delete old forum posts, mute or disable voice chat functionality, and change other preferences from your account settings. If you need help with any of these options, be sure to Contact Us.

Many Internet browsers allow you to reject, manage, and delete cookies. You may also be able to manage other similar technologies, like HTML5, by changing your browser settings (see Info We Collect Automatically).

If you don’t want to take advantage of the services that third-party analytics and advertising companies provide on the Riot services, you may be able to opt-out of some of them by visitin or, or if you’re located in the EU or Canada, or respectively. For a representative list of third-party advertising and analytics partners that operate on the Riot services, as well as details about how to opt-out to the extent applicable, click here.

If you’re concerned with the way we’re handling your info, or would like to update or delete the personal info associated with your Riot Games account, please Contact Us. Note that asking us to remove personal info or refrain from processing it may also result in account suspension or termination, in which case you’ll no longer be able to access many of the Riot services. We may also retain certain info associated with your account for purposes like complying with our legal obligations, managing internal books and records, preventing fraud, resolving disputes, and enforcing our contracts and terms, such as this policy and the Terms of Use.

If we process your info based on our legitimate interests explained above, or in the public interest, you can object to this processing in certain circumstances. In such cases, we will stop processing your info unless we have compelling legitimate grounds to continue processing or where it is needed for legal reasons, such as to ensure compliance with the anti-cheat rules under our Terms of Use. Where we use your info for direct marketing purposes, you can always object using the unsubscribe link in such communications or by changing your account settings.

You can request access to the personal info we hold about you by visiting and following the instructions provided. You can also submit any account-related questions or concerns you may have (including access requests) directly to our Player Support team (see Contact Us).

If you are based in the EU, without affecting any other rights you may have, you also have the right to file a complaint with a Data Protection Commission. Riot Games Ltd’s lead supervisory authority is the Irish Data Protection Commission.

Before we process requests to access, update, delete, or otherwise process personal info in different ways, we may ask you to verify your identity (like by logging-in to your account or providing us with certain info to help us confirm ownership) and we may request payment where allowed by law.


Summary: We’re committed to securing player info, but can’t guarantee the security of any data we collect from you. By choosing to share info with us (or anybody else online these days), you’re acknowledging this risk.

We use appropriate physical, technical, and organizational security safeguards to help protect your info from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure both during transmission and in storage. For example, we use computer systems with limited access in controlled facilities to store info. We also use technologies like encryption and hashing to protect some of the info we collect.

However, please note that no server, communications network, or data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure. The Riot services are no exception. We can’t guarantee the security of any info transmitted through the Riot services and make no assurances about our ability to prevent any such loss or misuse.

It’s up to you whether you’d like to share info with us; if you do, you’re acknowledging that you’re doing so with this risk.


Summary: We’ll make changes to this policy over time to keep you better informed about how we handle player info.

We’ll update our privacy policy from time to time to reflect changes in technology, law, our business operations, or any other reason we determine is necessary or appropriate. When we do make changes, we’ll update the “Last Modified” date at the top of the policy and post it to the Riot services. If we make material changes to the policy or the ways we process player info, we’ll provide you additional notice as well (such as by prominently posting a notice of the changes on the Riot services before they take effect or sending you a notification directly).

We encourage you to check back periodically to review this policy for any changes since your last visit. This will help ensure you better understand your relationship with Riot Games, including the ways we process your info.


For League of Legends or similar game-related requests or concerns (e.g., trouble accessing your account, billing matters, skins or content availability, reporting bugs or similar technical issues, discussing a ban, deleting an account, reporting a player, etc.), please contact our Player Support team here. You can also view our Player Support page for up to date info and troubleshooting guides here.

If you have any questions about this policy or our privacy practices, please send them to us via email at or via postal mail at the appropriate address listed below. The Riot Games entity identified below for your region of the world provides the Riot services to you and is the controller for personal info collected.

If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we haven’t satisfactorily addressed, please contact our U.S.-based third party dispute resolution provider (free of charge) here.

If you live anywhere in North America or South America (except Brazil):

If you live in South Korea:

If you live in Japan:

If you live anywhere else, including the EEA or Brazil:

If you live in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, or New Zealand:

If you live in South Korea:

If you live in the EEA:

We determine, for this purpose, where you live based upon the information you provide us when creating an account or, if you don’t have an account, based upon your IP address. If where you live changes or if you move your account to a different server, the Riot Games entity that controls your personal info will be determined by your new residence or account location from the date on which such change occurs.