These official rules of the IAC League of Legends Tournament (“Intel Arabian Championship Tournament”) apply to each of the Teams who play in the IAC League of Legends Tournament and not to other competitions, tournaments or organized play of League of Legends

Riot Games FZ-LLC, (“Tournament Organizer”) a free zone limited liability company in Dubai Creative Cluster Authority, has established these rules.

These official rules are designed solely to ensure the integrity of the system established to play League of Legends and a competitive balance among the Teams that play.

1. Eligibility Requirements

1.1. Player Age

No Player shall be considered eligible to participate in any IAC Tournament Match before having lived 13 full years or before reaching the eligibility age to play in a League of Legends Tournament in their residency country whichever is highest.

1.2. Residency

2. Roster

2.1. Ownership Restrictions

2.2. Roster Requirements

2.2.1 A Player is only allowed to compete for one IAC Tournament Team and cannot be registered on the roster of more than one IAC Tournament Team.

2.2.2. A Team’s Roster can have a maximum of seven Players.

2.2.3. A Team’s IAC Tournament Roster needs to include at least 6 Players.

2.2.4. In the case of extenuating circumstances, such as temporary visa issues, a competitive suspension or a medical emergency the roster requirements may be waived temporarily. Grant of this waiver is at the sole discretion of the Tournament Organizer.

2.2.5. The proposed team name entered upon registration may be in English or Arabic; however, it may not be offensive, racist or sexual in nature. If found to be in violation of this rule, the team will be disqualified.

2.2.6. If a team qualifies to Split 2, their spot shall be reserved for the seven (5 main + 2 subs) players who have secured the win, and not for the club/team they represent. Riot Games is not responsible for players and their teams disputes.

2.2.7 Teams are required to play only with the team members they have registered with. Please note that at this stage all rosters are locked and no further changes can be made.

2.2.8 It is possible to switch substitute players as the team sees fit, as long as it is not in the middle of a given match (however substitutes are allowed in a series).

2.2.9. No changes may be made to any kind of information in your registration application. Any attempt to modify such information will automatically disqualify your team from the tournament.

3. Format

3.1 Game Settings

3.2 Bracket Format

Tie Breakers

League System

3.3 Starting a Match